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One of YFCI’s core values is Mobilisation. Knowing the size and urgency of the task, we are committed to mobilise all the available resources of young people, adults, prayer and finance to accomplish the mission.

We would like you to share your ideas, programs and resources that you believe will help other YFC nations and ministries. Each idea that is submitted will be vetted and approved by the YFCI Global Training Team and then uploaded to share on the “YFC Shared Resources Page.” Please ask yourself the following questions before submitting a resource:

  1. Has this resource helped reach YFCI goals in our own ministry?
  2. Can this resource be contextualized into another culture?

If yes, please fill out the form below, push “Submit” and a Global Training Team member will contact you for more information. Thank you for helping us to mobilise our available resources together.

Ensure that your title best describe what the content is all about.

Write your resource content above. You may also paste the link to Youtube videos directly in the text editor. If you have any media files such as images, please use the upload button above. (optional)

The image will be the first thing our readers will see. Make it attractive by uploading an image of size 1600x900.
This will be visible to our readers and will provide a glimpse of what your content is about.
Categories will help our readers to select the most relevant content matching their needs and interest.
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