Shared Resources

An Online discipleship resource with 48 questions for youth who are new to Christianity or have questions on living a Christian life.

Wake Up Deborah

WakeUp Deborah is a worldwide movement of prayer aimed at encouraging as many parents, grandparents, youth workers, church members, teachers and counselors as possible, to pray for children and teenagers.

Open Up Prayer Course

Open Up is a prayer course for young teenagers, aged 10 - 13, worked out in 10 Bible stories. Open Up is a programme of WakeUp Deborah – Youth for Christ international

Art Therapy for Traumatized Children (English/Ukrainian)

Reproducible art therapy projects to be done with a child alongside a warm, compassionate adult. The downloadable activities have been chosen because they can offer comfort and healing for children and pre-teens.

Online Resources for Teenage Ministry (Ukrainian/Russian) - is a youth ministry resource box created by Youth for Christ Eastern Europe (YFC EE) to equip churches to reach young people for Christ.

YFC Netherlands Trainings Wall (Dutch)

Bekijk dan hier onze trainingswall! Dé plek voor alle training, inspiratie en tools voor jouw jongerenwerk in de kerk of op straat! View our training wall here! The place for all training , inspiration and tools for your youth work in church or on the street!

YFCI Staff Credentialing Manual

The YFCI Staff Credentialing Manual from 2005

Young Leaders Training Results

So we scoured the world and tried to get representation from people that attended various GA's from different areas and bring them together for a little bit of panel.

Its OK To Not Be OK :: Chris Kozacek

​​Hey, how's it going, Chris? I've not spoken to you for ages. I thought I'd give you a buzz dude. It's good to see you, bud. I'm in the middle of planning more conference. So I just want to reach out we're looking for some Bible passages that really kind of reflect what's been going on over this last year.

Treinamento Internet e Mídias Sociais (Portuguese)

Neste módulo, aprenderemos sobre a história e a evolução da Internet, como funcionam a estrutura e as “leis” da Internet e como adolescentes e jovens se comportam online.

Diálogos Regionales (Spanish)

Conversaciones sobre los desafíos del ministerio juvenil en América Latina con expertos en diferentes áreas de Interés. Video 1: JPC Uruguay; Video 2: JPC Latam Central; Video 3: Iván Monzón; Video 4: JPC Venezuela

Super Woman!

Super Woman - a long-term relational ministry model for girls, building self-esteem, social skills and providing opportunities for disucssion about faith.

Religious Education Resources for Schools

Youth for Christ in Britain have developed a very extensive resource library to help teachers teaching Religious Education in Schools.

Personal Time Line Post-It Project (English/Russian)

Create a chronological map of your development, highlighting those critical incidents and circumstances that God has used to shape character and purpose.

English Camp Curriculum “Move the Mountains”

An Evangelistic English Camp curriculum based on 8 Famous Mountains of the World
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