Asia Pacific – Training

Asia-Pacific Training Coordinator
Esther has been working with the movement since 2011.  She started working in a local branch in Australia, went on to a state role in training and from there she and her family were called to a sensitive nation in South East Asia. There they helped train and mobilize local leadership to begin sustainable YFCI ministry in the region. They were deployed to that region for 4 years after which Esther took on the role of Training Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Area and area representative to the Global Training Team. She has a teaching and training background as well as qualifications in adult and youth education, train the trainers, coaching and is currently beginning a PhD in Coaching.  Esther is dedicated to helping others learn about themselves so that they can better reach their God-given potential, learn how others work so they can work more effectively in teams and ultimately collaboratively work towards what God has before them. Due to the number of sensitive nations that Esther is working in her identity and image has been withdrawn for her security and the safety of those she is working with.
Asia-Pacific Training
The AP Area team provides Board training, ND training, Training in Coaching as well as other specific training programs as the need arises. In addition to this, many nations within the area have their own training programs, this is due to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Asia Pacific Area.  This ensures that training can be contextualized and appropriate for those who are being trained.
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