English Camp Curriculum “Move the Mountains”

This is an English curriculum written based on 8 Famous Mountains of the World. This curriculum has been used a few times at week long Evangelistic English Camps in Ukraine by American YFCI teams. It has been tested and edited and is simple to use. There are 8 lessons which work well to be used in a format with 2 lessons per day. Each lesson builds on each other, introducing a new famous mountain as well as a spiritual theme. The following lessons are included in the curriculum:

  1. Mt. Ararat – God is trustworthy and keeps His promises.
  2. Mt. Olympus – False gods of this world are human inventions and not truth.
  3. Mt. Carmel – The true God defeats all false gods.
  4. Mt. Hermon – The Transfiguration shows that Jesus is God.
  5. Mt. Golgotha – Jesus defeats death on the cross.
  6. Mount of Olives – Jesus left Earth, but will return to Earth someday.
  7. Mt. Vesuvius – The world’s pleasures will be burned up, so store your treasures in heaven.
  8. Mt. Everest – We can overcome challenges with God’s help.

Move The Mountains Leaders Guide – Downloadable PDF file
Move The Mountains Student Book – Downloadable PDF file

Below the Youtube video example, there is a link to download 2 separate PDF files: the Leaders Guide and Student Guide. There is no copy write on this material, so you may freely use them.

For an example of a day in which this curriculum was used, please watch this Youtube video of Day 2 of this English Camp conducted in Ukraine.

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