The Vital Organ

by Jose Carlos Gutierrez Tellez, Americas Area Director

How precious is the heart of a youth?

The Bible teaches us that the importance of the heart is life or death – very important! As we see in the previous verse, life comes from the heart.

Every day I understand more the great responsibility that we have as a ministry. Youth for Christ worldwide has been chosen by God, and HE has made us GUARDIANS of hearts.

Have you ever thought how is this youth’s heart? What needs does his heart have?

We have a great capacity of seeing appearances, but definitely only with God’s help will we be able to see and feel the need of each youth to whom we minister and serve.

Many times even if a youth smiles, he is CRYING on the inside, even if he dances, he is DEPRESSED, even if he says he loves someone, he feels LONELY.

God knows every heart, and He is the best ally for our ministry!

Let’s pray together and say: GOD, HELP US SEE WHAT YOU SEE! I assure you that if we accomplish this, we will always get to a youth at the right time.

Thanks for being a Guardian for this generation!

Thanks for proclaiming LIFE TO EVERY HEART!