Common Characteristics of Highly Effective YFC Leadership Worldwide

FIVE Responsibilities within Spiritual Leadership

As you assess whether or not you and your team are in the “business” of making an eternal difference, consider these five common practices used by YFC Leaders who are making a difference:

  1. The leader models to every staff person on their team extraordinarily focused and devotion to the work and cause of giving every youth an opportunity to become a life-long follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. They get each team member moving with the Holy Spirit by listening to and becoming a part of the spiritual journey of youth.
  3. They consult the BIBLE as their foundation for strategic decision making in unification with their Board of Directors.
  4. All team members are members of and devoted to His Church; not simply attending their local church.
  5. As the leader, you understand God has not called YFC to work in isolation, but in spiritual and physical collaboration with other followers of Jesus Christ.